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Product Review: The Hypervolt GO by Hyperice (The Physical Therapy Perspective)

With the new Hypervolt GO 2 by Hyperice on the market, I wanted to share my experience/review of the Hypervolt GO (original). I have yet to try out the new GO 2, but the GO was an awesome addition to the physical therapy arsenal because it allowed patients that had difficulty managing the heavier and bulkier Hypervolt to be more comfortable/consistent with their at home tissue work. This review is meant to dive into the pros/cons of this version of the Hypervolt, as witnessed through the lens of a physical therapist.

First Impressions

Right out of the box, this massage gun is ready to go. It comes with a wall adapter/charger and 2 interchangeable heads (flat/bullet). When you first turn it on, the biggest difference from the other models is how quiet and easy it is on the hand. The ergonomic design, plus the lighter weight (1.5lbs), makes it perfect for those that have upper extremity difficulties with grasping, strength, range of motion, or other co-morbidities.

My Experience with the Hypervolt GO

The Hypervolt has always been in my toolbox of equipment, vital to maintaining my body in a functional/pain-free state. As I train for my Spartan races, the Hypervolt allows me to supplement foam rolling with a more precise form of muscle mobilization/massage. I had always wished that my original Hypervolt was more compact and lighter for me to take on the road/races. When I learned that Hyperice debuted a smaller version of my favorite massage gun, it was a no brainer to add it to the Hyperice family of products. I primarily use the Hypervolt for prehab/rehab on areas that I have identified as susceptible to injury/re-injury. When I ran my Spartan Beast this year, I left the venue with symptoms of hip bursitis, which I quickly treated with ice, rest, and using my Hypervolt to target muscles contributing to the irritation on my bursa. I was able to treat the pain and jump right back into training for my next event.

Pros and Cons

Here is a table I have created to give a brief comparison on the Hypervolt options available at this time. If you need more details check out the Hyperice website.


Hypervolt GO

Hypervolt GO2

Hypervolt 2

Hypervolt 2 Pro












3 speed

3 speed

3 speed

5 speed







Flat + Bullet

Flat + Bullet

Fork, Flat, Cushion, Ball, Bullet

Fork, Flat, Cushion, Ball, Bullet

Battery Life

2.5+ hrs





Lightweight: It is noticeably lighter when you compare it to the larger versions. This is great for those that have decreased hand strength or have to be careful of the amount of weight they hold due to upper extremity injuries.

Price: Now that the Hypervolt GO2 is out, the Hypervolt GO is discounted to $159.99, and that's an awesome price for this device.

Ergonomics: The design of the Hypervolt GO has a slightly angled handle, which feels really secure and comfortable in the hand.

Design: I really like the sleek design and it is definitely a conversation starter.


The Final Score

Being a physical therapist, it's imperative to have massage guns as tools in my tool bag, because performing muscle techniques with only my hands can lead to early injuries that may affect my ability to work in orthopedics. I look for a massage gun that fits this role within my professional life and also in my personal life. Because of the extra power, attachments, and longer battery life, I use the original Hypervolt in the clinic. When it comes to personal use, I love the Hypervolt GO, especially when traveling. I would recommend the Hypervolt GO for people that have restrictions/difficulties with grip/weight of more bulky devices. The GO serves its role well and provides a cost effective alternative to other options on the market. P.S. Hyperice is a great company that is very responsive to questions/concerns and puts out a consistently solid product that has made my life in/out the clinic easier.

I give the Hypervolt GO...........

4.5 Goniometers out of 5

If you are interested in the Hypervolt GO2, Hypervolt 2, or the Hypervolt 2 Pro check out .

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Alex Zhidetskiy PT,DPT

IG: @WellnessTribePT


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