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Welcome to our second seminar vlog, where we explore shoulder mechanics, anatomy, exercises, and how to start the journey of keeping your shoulders healthy.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about shoulder health. Let us know below how you benefited from this video and please leave us a suggestion on future topics that may interest you!

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Core Strength

Welcome to our blog post, where we delve into the crucial world of core strength, exercises, and their profound impact on combating back pain. In today's fast-paced lifestyle, where long hours at desks and sedentary routines have become the norm, maintaining a strong and well-supported core is essential not only for optimal physical health but also to ward off the often debilitating specter of back pain. Join us as we explore effective exercises and expert insights that can empower you to build a resilient core, alleviate back discomfort, and reclaim a life free from the constraints of daily discomfort.

Let's take a quick look at the layers of the core in this Essential Anatomy App video

The main take away from this clip is that the 6-pack muscle (rectus) is fairly superficial and does not directly wrap around/interact with the lumbar spine. However the transversus and internal oblique do. This is important!

This diagram is one of my favorites to depict how injuries can go undetected for a while, and finally appearing without a reason/cause that can be picked out. Notice that, although without symptoms, it does not mean that a person is 100% healthy. We can quickly move into the "red" zone of being symptomatic from a state of symptom free. The main point of this is to maintain the body above the "smart" or "symptom" line. It's a process that involves consistency and dedication to a life of wellness.

Diagram of symptoms and health


As we reach the end of our exploration, I hope this blog has provided you with valuable insights and useful information. Remember, the journey we've discussed is not just about the destination but also about the lessons and experiences along the way.

I'd love to hear from you! Your thoughts, experiences, and questions are what make this conversation enriching and meaningful. Whether you agree, disagree, or have your unique perspective, your contribution is what truly brings this blog to life. So, don't hesitate to drop a comment below, share your story, or ask any questions that you might have. If there's a particular topic you'd like to see covered in future posts, let me know.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let's continue to learn, share, and grow together. Here's to many more insightful discussions and engaging stories. Until next time, keep exploring, stay curious, and be amazing!

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About Lorie Eber: Holistic Nutritionist Weight Loss Specialist, Wellness Coach, Life Coach

"I grew up in the craziness of New York City. My first career, for 23 years, was as a corporate litigator. I loved practicing law and am proud of the fact that I was only the second female partner admitted to my law firm. During my legal career, I really didn’t pay attention to what I ate and the only reason I exercised was to relieve stress. Let’s just say I gained a few pounds that were hard to get off later. But life throws curveballs and at age 49 my “soulmate” walked into my gym and my life and I realized I needed to be able to pay some attention to the relationship if I wanted a happy second marriage. After some soul searching, I made the decision to leave the comfort of my established profession and start a journey to find another line of work. While it hasn’t been an expeditious path, I’m thrilled to have found my passion in Wellness Coaching and absolutely love helping my clients improve their health. If you’re interested in reading more about my career pivot, I’ve chronicled it in my Amazon book entitled “How I Escaped Legal Practice and Got Myself a Life.”

7 Holiday Sanity Preserving Tips:

  1. Emulate Nancy Reagan: “Just Say No.” You don’t have to go to every event.

  2. Cheat: If you’re the host don’t make everything from scratch. Supplement with some healthy prepared or take-out food.

  3. Squelch your Perfectionist Tendencies: The point is to have fun, not to put on the most perfect party in the history of the world.

  4. Act like a Duck: We don’t get to choose our family. If one of your relatives gets under your skin, just let the remark roll off your back and be polite.

  5. Get Your Shut Eye: It will help you make better food choices and have the time and energy to exercise.

  6. Keep Your Body Moving: Sneak in some exercise, even if it’s just 10 minutes. Walk down the stairs, park a little further away from the store.

  7. 7. Strategize: Develop a plan before you go to a party so you won’t overindulge. Try eating a healthy snack before you go, alternate glasses of water and wine, and survey all the offerings before you choose.

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